Monday, June 16, 2008

Review of Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends

I'm sure all of you have read countless reviews of this album already so I won't be writing the regular style of review. Rather I'm going to have a stab at what I think VLV will sound like live on stage during this massive forthcoming world tour, which mind you still hasn't been given an official name. Note that I am treating this as a 13 song album

Life In Technicolour - Common sense would tell you that this would be the ideal way to kick off any show but I personally don't agree. The only way I could see this working is if they follow LIT with a their best firestarter "Politick". But really I feel that this song will sound awesome almost anywhere in the setlist.

Cemetries of London- one of the best Coldplay songs I have ever heard. The only problem might be re-creating the emotion that this song emits on CD. Chris has never really been an emotionally driven performer, but to nail this song in concert he might just need to do that this time around.

Lost!- this song should be played acoustically as the CD version is a joke

42- a very interesting song, but so far my least favourite of the album. If they are too play this song on tour it should be on a night where they don't play many other ballads. There's nothing worse than having a show saturated with slow ballads but this song does build up quite well. It just reminds me of What If in terms of structure, that song was sublime until the heavy guitar riff kicked in and destroyed the emotion of the song.

Lovers In Japan- a wonderful up -tempo catchy pop song. This song has featured a couple of times during the promo tour and I would not be even the slightest bit surprised if it is played at every gig this year and so far the band have played it impressively every time. A great song to stick in after a couple of ballads or maybe early in the set to get the crowd on their feet.

Reign of Love- Another awesome song of this record. As odd as this may sound I think that the band could stick this on the back of any song and it will still sound right. But it belongs in the encore.

Yes - Not quite sure how this will go down live. I think it all really depends on how well Chris delivers this vocally as his deep baritone is the stand out aspect of this song. and re-creating the string section might create some problems, unless they manage to take a string quartet of some sort around the world with them

Chinese Sleep Chant- put simply this is Coldplay's best effort to date musically speaking. By far the most complex guitar work from Jonny, the drumming is very impressive and from what I've seen from their BNN gig Chris has no problem delivering the vocals. A MUST LIVE

Viva La Vida - lets just say they would be blimin mad not to play this at every show. Can't wait to see the spectacle that will take place on the screens behind them while this song is played. The band has had a fair bit of practise with this song in front of big audiences this would have to be the first song the boys have written that will sound great in a massive stadium.

Violet Hill- just like the first single of X&Y (Speed of Sound) this opening single from the band will have to be played every night due to its popularity and the fact that it is the first single. But just like Speed of Sound this is yet to convert well live, so you won't be hearing any complaints from me if this is not played much this year

Strawberry Swing - a perfect song to play at any festival but sadly the band has not included many on their itinerary. I'm finding it hard to imagine this song live, so I will have to reserve my judgment until I see some footage but a great song nonetheless

Death and All His Friends - wouldn't be a bad song to end the night with but its no Amsterdam or Life is For Living. But if the band does want to do a bit of an improv section at the end of their shows (which would really surprise me but will be a welcome addition) this would be the ideal song to lead into it.

The Escapist- I highly doubt that this song will feature much at all this tour and if it does it will most probably be at the beginning of the encore or maybe if they support U2 one time this will be the right song to lead into their gig. ( I am refering to the U2 song Where the Streets Have No Name which sound identical to LIT)


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