Sunday, June 1, 2008

First Live Performance and War!!

Well in the last couple days tickets went on sale for the entire UK tour and parts of the European tour and just a matter of hours ago the band went on stage for the first time in over 15 months both events have caused all hell to break loose on Coldplay fan forums.

Like I said on my last post most of the tickets for the UK tour sold out in a matter of minutes but that was not the issue. The problem most people had with the ticket sales was the fact that there were NO GENERAL ADMISSION tickets available, for those of you not familiar with concert terminology GA simply means the moshpit. Instead all the shows will have seats setup on the ground level of the arena in six seperate zones. This is created a mini cyber war on, about 90% of fans are extremely angry at the situation. here is a sample of reactions.
xXGarfieldXx said "I am GUTTED. It won't be a proper gig, I hate sitting at gigs."
fudge : "I can't see a reason for it. It's not like there's a likelihood of mosh-pit-death at a coldplay gig for goodness sake! I like the fact that I can show I'm a true fan by showing up and queuing to earn my space at the front"
Beximus "I'm not happy with this no standing. I've never sat at a Coldplay gig. No one's going to sit anyway - its just ridiculous."
Voodoo_geisha : " I've paid them over 40 quid of my money (and i'm a skint student!) and i shall do whatever i like in the place i've been forced to 'sit' in"
On the opposite side
Ebs757 :"there were seats on the floor in Chicago... it didn't really make a difference its more of an organization thing idk why people are bitching about that "
Hayley : "Coldplay started out in small venues with seating.It should still be all about the music
But this is not the first time Coldplay has done all seater events, many shows during their previous tour in America were all seater and most of the feedback was positive.
Now the other thing that has divided the Coldplaying community was the bands perforance of Viva la Vida at today MTV Movie Awards in the US. Here is the link to the performance I will let you decide for yourselves what you think of it.

This is what some fans said:
Elena20 : "it was good but i did expect more"
Jess831 " I was expecting much worse, it wasn't THAT bad. Besides from Chris's pitchy vocals, it was quite good, I thought.:"
MigEl: "really disappointed, Chris sang bad, that's not usual on him"

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