Sunday, June 22, 2008

18 June 2008 - BBC Television Centre, London

Life In Technicolor Violet Hill Clocks In My Place Viva La Vida 42 Trouble Lost Yellow (acoustic) Fix You Lovers In Japan
Crowd: 500 including Ricky Gervais and Jay-Z
Professional Review
Fan Review
The band were on and a much better, tighter musical start than Monday I thought, they are learning this quick. It was lovely to see them all perform so close, and Guy seemed much more involved which I was happy about. Chris' voice was much better than Monday, he hit a lot more notes, and there were some good exchanges with all the BBC staff on the various terraces, the people outside the gates (not too many there at all and I think almost everyone, if not everyone, witth a ticket got in) and most hilariously the builders on the site well over the road who were very amused and gave a hearty wave.The sound really was loud and good, impressive. And the rain held off thank goodness. The set? LiT's a spine-tingling opener. Violet Hill absolute rocks live, but such a short song alas that blink twice and it's over. Lost sounded better again live than on the album, slightly less cluttered, but still too much. Perhaps the acoustic's ruined the full version for me forever? I guess they like to play it because the whole band's involved and doing something different (except Chris)? Guy on drums etc - for me the set-up's far more refreshing than the actual song.42 was relatively error-free this time - Chris only messed up the start! - and for me a great live track already. Trouble played again, I hope they'll at least alternate that with Don't Panic on the main tour (and Shiver too much to ask?), but the helicopters bit was fun, the Chris we know and love (and sometimes tear our hair out too lol).Yellow acoustic again seemed popular (and I absolutely loved it!) Will is a great guitar player it must be said, very steady. By this point the crowd seemed a bit more interested in the celebs around. Again, lovely that Fix You wasn't the end (though I miss the light). Lovers in Japan is a special song for me and to see it twice in three days as the closer was something else. It finally got my aching limbs and brain-starved sleep into the Perfect Motion that Sunscreem made famous all those years ago. Chris introduced it as saying 'let's see which way the wind's blowing' and it turned out it was blowing towards TV Centre, with the entire front garden area and many of the onlookers enjoying our shower of butterflies
Broadcast on BBC2 - lame Intro, Violet Hill, Clocks, Partial In My Place - In My Place, Viva La Vida, partial 42 - 42, Trouble, partial Lost! - crowd singing Fix You, Lover In Japan
Video of Gig

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