Sunday, June 8, 2008

BBN -Pardiso, Amsterdam- 5 June 2008

Violet Hill
Lovers In Japan
Chinese Sleep Chant
Viva la Vida
Fix You

Crowd -150-180

Review (fan)
Life In Technicolor inititally was on the setlist as well as the opening song, but they decided to scrap it at the last minute and add Fix You instead.Each song played featured short films shown on a television set, for instance: the dancing politicians video was shown during Violet Hill.After they played Lovers In Japan, somehow the television set fell down, just missing the keyboards played by Jonny and Chris. Chris was quite stunned: "I can't believe it. I finally smashed a TV, and the tour hasn't even started yet."Luckily it was still working though... "Ah, it's not even broken, that shows how 'Rock 'n Roll' we are"Chinese Sleep Chant was quite loud, but the crowd seemed to enjoy it.Highlight was Viva La Vida though. When the "oooooo-oooooooohhh" bit (sung by Will, Guy and Jonny) came, the whole venue started chanting along leaving Chris with a stunned smile. "Thank you", he gratefully answered. "You are a great crowd"After Fix You (Chris asked us if we wanted to hear either that or Trouble, but the majority chose Fix You), the gig sadfully ended and the band said goodbye ("Jonny has an appointment with the dentist", Chris joked)Outside the venue I had the wonderful experience meeting the whole band, and shaking hands with Will, Jonny and Chris. Unfortunately we were warned in advance that cameras and recording equipment were strictly forbidden and banned from the venue, so I didn't bring one. So I don't have any pictures to show you, unfortunately.

Audio - (first three songs) (last three)
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Violet Hill -
Clocks - removed
Lovers In Japan- removed
Chinese Sleep Chant -
Viva la Vida -
Fix You -

you can stream the show here

I will have more details and links and pics after my exams as well as footage from Jimmy Kimmel Live and Myf Warhursts interview with the band

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