Saturday, June 14, 2008

More Promo

Here are some youtube clips from the last few days of promo shows

Jonathan Ross Show - Interview - Violet Hill - Viva La Vida

This starts off really well with Chris having a bit of a joke with Ross, the interview does not last all that long and it cuts to Violet Hill straight up. The song sounds a bit disjointed and doesn't really flow live on stage, Chris at times struggles to re-create the energy that you hear on the track. Watch Will carefully, he does a great job through this little showcase. They follows this up with Viva La Vida and here we see a massive improvement from the MTV Awards and the BNN performances, the vocals are near perfect and the band plays brilliantly especially the harmonies by Jonny and Guy and Will in particular. This will most certainly become the highlight of every live show. My only concern is the amount of backing tracks being used might detract from the actual performance.

BNN Popsecret - Chinese Sleep Chant

Chris describes this as a "louder" song and I must admit I disagree with him here. The song possesses a much more atmospheric feel to it, similar to that of Radiohead during their Kid A days. All four of them are thrashing away at their instruments throughout the song but i don't believe that it quite makes to the level of Politick or even Yellow for that matter. Just like Viva La Vida this song is a must during their upcoming shows. Lets hope that the boys pick and choose their setlist more carefully this time meaning that they should select songs that convert well live as opposed to songs that are popular or sound great on CD. A great example would be Rush of Blood To The Head which may not be the best track off that album but it does sound awesome live as does Everything's Not Lost. I really hope that they keep X&Y songs to a minimum during this tour anything more than 4 songs from that album would be too much; Talk and Fix You will be regular choices and personally I would love to see White Shadows. - this is Fix You from the same gig. Notice that Jonny still hasn't written a variation to the original guitar solo, it is becoming pretty tiresome now.

Here is something extra that you may enjoy

Radiohead - How To Dissapear Completely - Kid A - at Pinkpop 2001

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