Sunday, June 22, 2008

16 June 2008 - Brixton Academy, London


1. Life in Technicolour 2. Violet Hill 3. Clocks 4. In My Place 5. Viva La Vida 6. Chinese sleep chant 7. God put a smile upon your face 8. 42 9. Square One 10. Trouble 11. Lost 12. Strawberry Swing 13. Yellow 14. If Death will ever concuer me---ENCORE---15. Fix you 16. Lovers in Japan

Crowd: 5000

Professional Reviews (the band is spending nearly a MILLION POUNDS on video screens for their world tour stage!!!)
Fan Review
What a gig, ranks alongside the best I've seen them (6 or so times, stretching back to the Rush tour)No Politik (really missed that!) very little X&Y. No SoS thank the stars, Sqaure One was a revelation mid-set. The other highlights for me were Yellow (Acoustic) - was a bit iffy at first but to be honest by the end I was stunned, it's incredible and Lovers in Japan (of course!) with the confetti. Cheesy on MTV, wicked in person!42 was AMAZING live till Chris messed up the end lol. Clocks was slightly understated, which was fine. VLV not my fave so I made a break for the bar and missed it really talikng about extortionate water prices with the great staff The crowd were rotten, far too many people who obviously got there tickets online for a huge sum. The exceptions were the guys I met from here who were all stellar, especially my dance partner (he knows who he is!) and some other guys dotted around who were obviously huge fans (and they were probably from here too hehe). Guys, we have one hell of a tour to look forward to .

Intro and Life in Technicolour - (very noisy)

Strawberry Swing - (great fan shot)

Lovers In Japan - (shaky but very close and decent sound)

Yellow - (another great vid)

Broadcast live on Radio1



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