Sunday, April 27, 2008


Big news my friends. The band have completely revamped their home page ( the site now only has four simple banners.

The first leads to a piece of art named La Liberté guidant le peuple (Liberty leading the people) and will most probably become part of the albums final artwork. Its quite a dramatic piece, a huge departure what we've seen in past albums. I really hope this is reflected in the music itself.

The second link informs us that from 12-15UK time Tuesday 29th. the first single of the album Violet Hill will be available for free to download off the website for a week only. There is also a link to the 7" available from NME.

The third link is more relevant to this blog. On the 16th of June (release date of the album) the band will play at the famous and somewhat intimate Brixton Academy in London for FREE. Tickets to the show will be available very soon.

The final section is very similar to the previous one. They will be playing a FREE show at the legendary Madison Square Gardens in New York. You might remember the last time they performed at the venue at the end of their 2003 tour. The show is scheduled for the 23rd of June.

Members of the band recently appeared in some rich lists, so supporting these free shows shouldn't be a problem whatsoever.

Friday, April 25, 2008

What's Happening?

The world of Coldplay has been surprising quiet despite the album release coming closer every day. Most of the talk on fan forums has been about false alarms on leaks and people claiming to have heard some of the songs that are set to be released. Since the announcement of the final tracklisting of the album there have been no more additions to the official website. But news services have announced that Violet Hill will be released as a single on the 6th of May and it will premiere of BBC radio on the 29th of April as will Xfm. I am more than certain that there will be recordings of the song on websites everywhere and I will most certainly include a link here for people to download the song. Xfm is also claiming that they will have the most exciting Coldplay news we have ever heard on Monday morning, it will be very interesting to hear what this news is.

The most dramatic news of the past two weeks has been the announcement that the band will be giving away multiple songs through the UK music mag NME. The preview CD will be included in the May 7th issue of the mag and will contain two new songs including most probably Violet Hill.

Also the band has announced that they will be presenting their entire upcoming album Viva la Vida (some claim that the Death and All His Friends is simply an alternative name for the album) in Barcelona. The album will be showcased in front of only 1000 people including mainly journalist. It is expected to take place in the week leading up to the June 16th release date (although music retailers HMV claim to be releasing it on June 13th with shops in the Netherlands stating that they will also release the album on the 13th).

There have been reports of a video shoot in the Italian island of Sicily yet others claim that they have shot a video in Spain. We will need to wait another week to find out just what the video is like even though i must admit I personally am not looking forward to the video as Coldplay has repeatedly failed to make half decent videos over and over again. With the exception of The Scientist I've struggled to stay awake to the end of any video no matter how much i liked the song itself. Let's hope they can get their acts together this time around.

Sadly there is not even a hint of tour news which is really the only type of news I am really after.
Would people prefer to see Coldplay in a small arena style venue or a larger football stadium? I would really appreciate it if people left comments.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Possible Dates

This is not official news of the bands website but it has appeared on some newspaper sites.

Summer Festival, Quebec

This announcement has appeared only on French websites which i have attempted to translate and this is what I've derived from it. The band will be performing at the festival on the 3rd of July which is the opening day. According to Wikipedia its an outdoor/indoor festival held through the Canadian city of Quebec. Coldplay are rumoured to be playing at the Plains of Abraham (i wonder if they will play Moses or not) which is the biggest of the venues situated on open fields. Other bands playing include Linkin Park (the other big new band of this decade next to Coldplay) and Yes (another song the boys could play). Here are some links - Official Site in English - Some news in French - The site from where i got the news

UK Tour Dates??

In March the band released pictures of their new website (which still has not been implemented) on the screenshots there was a section dedicated to tour dates. The following dates appeared on the picture

25/6/08 - Wembley Arena, London
26/6/08- The NIA, Birmingham
29/6/08 - Apollo Manchester

There is a band (Def Leppard) playing at Wembley the night after the 25th but that night is empty so there is a good chance this could be true. The NIA is also free on that night with Connie Fisher playing the night before. On the other hand the Manchester Apollo is taken on the 29th by Bullet For My Valentine. - More Screenshots of the site

Tracklisting Released

Here are the songs set to appear on the upcoming Viva la Vida album

"Life In Technicolor"
"Cemeteries Of London"
"Lovers In Japan/Reign Of Love"
"Viva La Vida"
"Violet Hill"
"Strawberry Swing"
"Death And All His Friends"

For those of you wondering where the rest of the songs are i'm sorry to say that they are the only songs set to appear on the album. before i say anything else let me get some things straight. it is down right impossible to judge any album from the titles of the songs and the order in which they are going to appear so this announcement tell us very little about the album itself. on top of this announcement the band has promised us a "couple" of singles before the release of the album which is great news as it means that we will most probably being hearing some new songs by the end of the month or early in May (either 'Yes' or 'Violet Hill' or '42'). Despite the rather superficial nature of this news i still do have a couple of issues.

first the fact that the album will only have 10 songs and will run for a rumoured 42 minutes. this is significantly shorter than previous records. Being a long time Linkin Park fan short albums don't bother me that much (their first two albums combined are just over an hour). what irritates me is that this album has taken over a year to record and a band of Coldplay's calibre i feel should be churning out more than 10 good songs in a year (assuming that they are all good). of course i didn't expect a 'Wall' style double album epic but i would think that the band would give me more than 10 songs for my $15. making the album so short has only added pressure on the band on top of the delayed release and 'new sound'. at this point the music world expects nothing short of a masterpiece. Radiohead's In Rainbows album was only 10 tracks and in my opionion is one of the best albums of the decade. hopefully Coldplay give us something on par with that. but according to Billboard there will be a hidden track on the album called 'Escapist'. i personally think that hidden tracks are the stupidest idea to ever hit music.

The second matter is that the band has chosen to omit several songs which will most probably appear as B-sides on their singles. i think i now know why EMI is going under. do the people managing Coldplay actually believe that people still buy singles like they used to. Down here in Australia it takes barely 8000 - 10000 sales of single to reach the number one spot when less than decade ago those numbers would barely get you a top 10 hit. i really hope the band has some Radiohead-esque ideas to make this all work.

I really hope that the band and its management increase the frequency of announcements such as this one. There's nothing better for album releases than media attention. since its been close to two years since 'The Hardest Part' was released most people have moved on from the band (except of course the hardcore fans) so it will take (once again) Radiohead like antics to generate the right amount of hype over the release.